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What is Business Development? 

Scott Pollack writing for Forbesdefined it as: "Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships"

How do we do that? 

It starts with understanding (or maybe helping to discover) why you're in business, what it is you're trying to achieve, what really matters most to you. Where your business fits in the world, and how it's going to deliver what you want.

The numbers are important - but the right numbers and the right measures. 

And then there's the "A" word. Accountability. Sometimes being in business can be lonely, tough, and we get so caught in the day-to-day that if no one holds us to account to do the things we need to do, for the business to achieve our objectives, we often just don't do them. Having someone independent who you can trust to help you keep moving forward is a critical part of Business Development. 

So on any given day we might be a Coach, a Mentor, or a Consultant. Sometimes we have the answers, and at other times we may need to find them, or enlist someone else to help. What matters most to you, your business, you and your team are unique, so we don't have a "one size fits all" process. But we do know that our most successful clients start with these three key components of Business Development:

  • an Annual Business Plan - knowing where you are going
  • an Annual Forecast - what the numbers are
  • Reporting & Accountability - how you're going to get there

Interested in having us journey with you? We'll give you the first hour free!

Contact us or call our Business Development Specialist, Jonathan, on 350 7900 or 021 277 3882

Find out more about the Annual Business Plan here

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