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Anti Money Laundering (AML) requires us to authenticate your identity. 

Whether you are new to PKF Rutherfords or if we've known you forever, we still have to do this! So let's make it as easy as possible...

What you need to bring in to prove your identity for AML:
Package 1 The best thing you can bring in is your Passport + an invoice which shows your name and address.

  • Passport 
  • Utility bill (e.g. rates, power, phone)

Or Package 2 If you don't have a current passport then this is the package that we need:

  • Drivers licence
  • Utility bill (e.g.. rates, power, phone)
  • Bank Statement (less than 3 months old)

If you don't have a Drivers Licence then we need another form of photo ID

For the "why" have a read of our AML info here 


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